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We had a great wedding ceremony with the 5 piece band this past weekend. Great mix of contemporary worship songs and some classics. The best was the Weezer song "Your My Best Friend" as the recessional, I hope to get some pics up soon. You may have noticed the new gig we just posted for Sept. 8th in a couple weeks. This is the "Kick Off" weekend at Church of the Nativity. This FREE concert will be mixed with non-secular and secular rock & roll. The 5 piece will be there in full force. This is a very kid friendly event and there will be fun activities for all. Go to for more information.

We had an awesome show last night at Church of the Nativity for the Shagali celebration. We're looking forward to the upcoming weddings, especially when we get to play at the Hippodrome. It's going to be awesome! I'll keep you posted on new events as they start coming in.

What a ride it has been! Since the late 90's with the "Pat Mcgee Band", touring all over the country and sharing venues with some amazing bands (sorry! but I'm gonna drop some names here) "The Allman Bros", "James Taylor", "Fleetwood Mac", "The Who", "Jimmy Buffet", "Train", "Dispatch", "Blues Travelers", and a ton of other great bands and musicians.

Now I have found the quintessential  musicians that have inspired me to really want to play live for music lovers. Here's to Simon Pyles, Chris Pierorazio, Joe Weaver, and Ed Tetreault. These guys come from deep music backgrounds having played professionally for years with some great bands.

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